About us

Who we are?

We are a team of Management Professionals who are always keen to find simple solutions to common problems that most businesses today face in their operations. During our study of B2B operations we constantly observed that there was always a serious need for all businesses to communicate to the dealers & resellers on their products, their prices, the inventory, new products that they introduce and many such challenges. The normal mode of such communication was always observed to be limited to phone calls, messages, electronic mailers to name a few. These all methods are time consuming and complex in nature without any historical data analysis strengths to improvise on them.


The need of B2B
Online Platform

Our team researched with a varied number of business owners and brand companies across industries to understand in detail the problems they faced while doing business with all their business partners and resellers. This exhaustive study helped us arrive at a few common simple questions from all these business people:

  • How can I communicate my products and services to all the resellers at the click of a button and in real time?
  • How can I inform all my channel partners and resellers about a new product that I am about to launch?
  • How can I inform all my resellers on promotional offers and other incentive programs?
  • How can I get pulse on the market on a certain product in terms of its current price and demand which can help me make a right purchase decision?
  • Can I inform all the resellers in my Industry of a certain product in one instance and communicate with them?
  • Can I share with all my industry resellers of my ageing inventory which I want to liquidate with very special offers?
  • How can I get instant pricing information across geographies?
  • How can I verify a reseller?
  • How can I do all of the above in a very Neutral way?

The solution

As One solution to all these problems we launched India’s first closed group B2B platform – “OSTANow”

In Finnish “OSTA” means “Buy” and we thought it to be just apt! We also punch lined it as “Your very own B2B platform” - as this platform is like a playground completely dedicated to the Brands, Distributors, Dealers, Resellers and the retailers. They make their own decisions on how, when and what to communicate with their business associates. It is completely open for each of the stake holder on how best they can use this platform for their be

To top it up - all this for FREE!!!

No subscription costs!!! No Transaction Fee!!! No Commission on Sale!!

Get Set Go!

You can use this platform to promote your products to all the resellers across geographies, sell and buy products at right prices with complete market intelligence and price information. OSTANow is available on www.ostanow.com as well as for your smartphones on Android and IOS

The registration is in a few simple steps and you are ready to go. To keep this platform access only to authorized resellers and businesses we have a “Three Facto Authentication” process where we do Mobile and email authentication as first step followed by physical reference check for each registered reseller to continue access to the platform. You can post your products on this platform with just a few clicks and it becomes readily visible to all the resellers across India.

Feature Rich

Ostanow provides you facilities to highlight your product, share your posting using popular social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook and Insta. You can further accelerate your product views by “Boosting” your post, by being part of “Deal of the Day” and further using push notifications to all resellers and many such options to enhance your product postings.

You can also have complete view of all the products you have posted using the “mystore” option. You also have an online chat option where you can directly interact with your customer and negotiate deals online in real time.

Icing on the Cake

OSTANow offers to you a separate section for “Ageing Inventory Market Place” where you can post and liquidate your ageing inventory to all the resellers across India in a just a few clicks. While posting a product, OSTANow give you an option, to post your product in Regular Products or Ageing Inventory sections. We are sure just like us you all are very excited with the launch of OSTANow. We invite you all to join India’s first closed group B2B platform driven by businesses for businesses